Hazardous Tree Services


Martin Tree Service owns and operates our own independent 21 ton crane. This crane allows us to remove extremely hazardous trees that may be to dangerous to fell or even climb and remove the traditional way.

Using this crane we can typically remove hazardous trees faster and cheaper than the other companies that can only climb and lower them in sections.

The crane allows us to  have better control over the cut and we can usually take the tree right to the chipper without the need to drag it from the base to the chipper.


Storms in Central Indiana can leave behind complete devastation and extremely dangerous situations. Martin Tree Service has the right equipment and skillset to face these situations head on.

In 2016 two Tornadoes touched down in the Zionsville Boone County Indiana area and Kokomo Howard County area. These tornadoes left behind a path of destruction which left many homes destroyed and trees laying in mangled  twisted piles of rubble. Martin Tree Service was there to help. We brought in our Crane, tree grapple, 18″ chipper, saws, and a crew and helped clean up storm damaged neighborhoods and even helped restore an old cemetery back to a condition that was better than it was prior to the disaster.

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