About Us

About US

A little history about us, The Martin boys grew up on the banks of Stoney Creek in the quiet little town of Windsor Indiana. Our family spent most of our idle time in the outdoors and as kids one of our favorite past times were climbing, swinging, and playing in the trees. Our father took care of fruit trees for a small orchard in Selma Indiana and also trimmed trees as a small side business and as kids we were always taken along to help out. We climbed the fruit trees to help harvest the apples, pears, and cherries from the orchard and of course help clean up when our father sprayed and trimmed trees. We  burned firewood as our primary heat source growing up so we learned early how to safely use chainsaws and fell trees. This tradition lives on today only now we use the latest safety equipment and machinery available along with years of experience to remove any tree.

  • Martin Tree Service always goes above and beyond all other tree service companies in the area
  • Our crew will clean up every vine and branch and never leave a mess for you to clean up
  • You will be so pleased  with our service that you will want to ping all of your friends just to let them know.
  • When we leave the site your trees will be so beautiful that every Cardinal in the neighborhood will want to nest in your back yard.
  • We feel that we are the best Indiana Tree Service.
  • We will arrive at your site, set up quickly, complete the project, and BAM we will be cleaned up and out of your hair in no time

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You can call, email, or use our form to start the process. We will come to your site and assess your project and depending on your specific needs we will provide tree trimming, pruning, dead wooding, hazardous tree removal, chipping, and stump removal services.

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